Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hello mold.....

Last weekend (August 21st), while still waiting for the permits - we decided to start ripping up the carpets and pulling down some of the nasty fixtures. It was really nice to start getting things going inside the house.
We only managed half the house though - before the mold particles got to us and we decided to call it a day !! Face-masks might have been a good idea!

Url not quite sure of what to make of the rather moldy floorboards in the living room!

Chris pulling off the very 60's wood walling in the bathroom
Carpet and underlay up in the front bedroom - which will actually become part of the living room

Think we will be needing a whole lot of new floor boards throughout the house!
Kitchen flooring not much better than the living room!

Friday, August 27, 2010

The Garden

Whilst we waited for permits and planning permission to start the biggest aspect of the house - the foundation (that will be a whole seperate post) - we decided to start work on the back garden (July 23rd).

View from the back door

View from the end of the garden - shed will go once we get a dumpster!
There certainly was a lot more foliage out back then when we first bought the house - the wet Spring certainly agreed with the weeds and grass! Luckily for us we got a chain saw as a wedding gift and picked up a cool little weed wacker at our new favorite store - Home Depot. We were all set to tackle the back yard!

Helen raking or posing!
Chris with his new chain saw - his favorite wedding gift - thanks GAV !!

Chris weed wacking! Starting to look a little tidier!

332 Taylor Street

We decided organising a wedding in a far away land, really wasn't enough stress for a young, carefree couple to have. So we decided why the heck not, lets add to the stress....lets look to buy our first home! We didn't want to do the easy route of looking for a nicely finished townhouse or condo, something we could move into and live happily ever after. We wanted something that needed a little TLC, some elbow grease and a place where Chris could attempt to get his DIY (do-it-yourself) on (and try to rid himself of those baby soft hands)..........and at 332 Taylor Street, we certainly found it!

View from the front of the house
The best part of the house - a mural (in wallpaper) of stunning Alpine Lake/Mountain in the living room - genius idea!
The Kitchen

The very old bathroom, with just a little asbestos in the lino in the corner!!
View looking through the back door - too much snow to open said door!
Looking out onto National Forest and Lionshead Rock!
We couldn't resist the challenge, and the potential greatness of this rather old, shabby mining home. So on the day we flew to England for our wedding, we made a quick detour into Denver to sign papers and close on our very first home!

On May 28th Chris and I became home owners!