Monday, November 19, 2012

Headboard project

I saw an adorable diamond tufted headboard on Pinterest a year or so ago, so pinned it to my DIY board with the intention that one day when i had some spare time, I would make a similar one! Well that day came last month!

I made a list of essential items needed and headed to Joanne's fabric in Denver (a big trip out for this mountain girl!!). The list looked like this:

• fabric (about 7ft- enough for buttons and wrapping around board and foam) - I wanted a mustard yellow colour. Choice was limited do I ended up with a linen fabric.
• 2" foam
• batting
• button kit
• upholestry needle
• twine
• staples for staple gun

I also headed to Home Depot and picked up:

• plywood (3/4")
• glue

With all my supplies bought (approx $150) I headed home and started the big project!

I got the circular saw and chalk line out and marked, measured and cut out the headboard dimensions (52"x 39").

With the chalk line I also marked out grid lines on the wood which enabled me to mark the location of each button placement. I used a drill to make holes at the button locations.

The dirty work was done so I moved the board up to the kitchen table. This provided a better working height for the next part of the project!! I cut the foam out to the dimensions of the board and used glue to attach it down.

While that was drying I ironed the fabric and made the buttons following the kit directions!!

I laid the batting, then the fabric over the foam and board!! This provided a plush layer for the headboard! The next part of the project was best performed with a helper!! I started in the middle of the top row and from underneath used the upholestry needle to push the twine through the hole and the foam/fabric to the front of the headboard. Attaching a button to the twine, I then reversed the needle through the hole, threaded it with the twine and pulled it through to the back of the board.

I got my helper to push the button deep into the foam from the front, while from underneath I tied a knot in the twine then used a staple gun to secure it in place. I zigzagged the twine back a forth, stapling as much as necessary, in order to keep tension on the twine.

I repeated this technique with all the buttons, keeping the fabric smooth and tight.

The headboard was turned over, the excess fabric trimmed and then stapled down in place.

....and voila!! My lovely mustard headboard!!! I left the bottom 9" plain (no buttons) as this sits behind the mattress and isn't seen. I'm pretty pleased with my first attempt and plan on making one for our king bed!!