Monday, April 11, 2011


Our engineered hardwood flooring had acclimated for a week - so this weekend we had no excuses - we were going to lay the flooring in the kitchen, living room and hallway. There would be no fishing, snowboarding or relaxing until it was done. As it turned out our weekend was extremely dull. There were none of the above activities - we laid the last piece at about 5 pm Sunday. Thank goodness for the Masters. It was on all weekend and provided a slight distraction from all the bending, kneeling, glueing, sawing and splinters. The house now looks like a house, and not a construction site. Its awesome!

We started at the end of the hallway  - it ended up being the hardest area as there were a lot of cuts needed.

We lay the underlay first.

It took all day to lay this much. We ended friday somewhat deflated by how time consuming it was, but we were happy with how it was starting to look!

Day 2 - the kitchen and entrance way.

Once we didn't have to make many cuts, and we could just glue and click - progress was quicker

Url was exhausted

and then had a second wind, and wanted to help!!

The workshop in the basement

Almost finished with the kitchen



We started the living room on Sunday

Only a few pieces left to lay

Happy to be almost finished!

Living room



Wednesday, April 6, 2011


April is here. The winter has flown by. We continue to plod on with the remodel, and we can almost see light at the end of the long, expensive, stressful tunnel. This is what's been happening in the past few months in Minturn.

  • Url and the dog down the road have a regular stand off. 
  • We have heat and water!!
Baseboard heaters

  •  I re-finished an old dining room table - I think its awesome - Chris is not so sure!!


My lovely purple table
  •  The engineered hard wood floor arrived - we hope to install it this weekend!! Its acclimatising rght now!
Maple Nougat Hardwood Flooring - from
  •  The bathroom vanity is finished
  • The shower is a work in progress - the tiling has been started, but is a job I keep avoiding. The plastic works well enough - so at least we can shower!! 

Plastic covered shower
  • The washing machine works, as does the dishwasher - which is a complete luxury. We need to vent the gas range and also the dryer before we can use those though!
  • Warrick the fish has been reunited with the family, after an extended stay in East Vail!
  • The fire-door in the garage has been installed. As has one of the bathroom doors. We are waiting for the clawfoot tub to arrive before the main door is installed. Hopefully next week!!!!!!! I can't wait to have a bath!!!!
Chris installing the door from the bathroom to the master bed!


I really wanted a chunky, modern, double vanity in the bathroom - to match the double shower. After looking online we weren't prepared to pay the 1000 dollars plus to make it happen. Chris decided he could make the base and I could tile the top. Five months later - the double vanity is finished and looking awesome in our bathroom. I love it.

Url not so keen to be in the photo. Vanity base

I ordered the vessel sinks and facuets from - they were a bargain.

Back in November when the house was a full on construction site!

Darkest stain we could find.

Cement board down, then mortar and tiles. One mini tile at a time! It took a while.

Tiles finished

Starting to come together

A few coats of sealant before the grout.

Grout completed

Sinks and faucets installed. Trim finished.

Vanity completed. The mirror is temporary - watch this space for the final mirrors!!