Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Basement

After a year long hiatus from anything involving a saw, nails or paint, it was time to get back on it and start the Basement Remodel!!!

We are pretty excited about this! Chris probably more so than me because his beloved Man Cave is becoming a reality not just a far fetched fantasy!! I'm happy because I get to declutter, sort and organise (throw out) a growing mountain of junk that is being stored in the basement! Plus I also get to design the second bathroom and guest bedroom!

Here's a preview of the before, very cluttered basement, and then some of the work in progress! First job is framing, then electric, insulation and drywall. Hopefully this will all be completed by late Spring!

BEFORE: Laundry Space
BEFORE: The man cave, with the ever increasing pile of junk!
BEFORE: The guest bathroom to the left and another pile of junk where the guest bedroom will eventually be!
AFTER: Framed Laundry Room
AFTER: Pile of junk and framed MAN CAVE
View from MAN CAVE of the eventual MUD ROOM, which will also be framed. Eduardo, the guy who basically built our house is back again helping out with the Basement remodel! He brought a couple of new guys to help with this project!
AFTER: Framed Bathroom. Low ceiling because of pipes above  - not ideal but will be 80 inches high which just passes code requirements!!
Framed partition/closet in the guest bedroom - looks a little weird but saw it on Pinterest and think it will look really cool when finished!! (Chris is not so sure - we will see!!)
View from the closet in the guest bedroom! To the left is the mechanical room. To the right is the doorway with the bathroom behind it.