Monday, October 24, 2011

Exterior - Done!!

Over the past few weeks we have been cutting, painting and attaching the trim around the windows, doors and new garage; painting the purple window frames white, and painting the soffit blue. Today Chris finished sealing the new trim, and we think (we hope) the exterior of the house is ready for winter! Lucky as there is a winter storm advisory out for tomorrow night - so looks like we just made it!! I'm pretty happy with how it looks, and OK there are still some things that need to be worked on (front deck and steps, painting the tin roof, fixing driveway), those are tasks for next summer..............

Chris attaching the trim

Probably not the safest way to attach trim - but our ladder was too short!

This weekend - painting anything green, blue.

Painting the soffit - a time-consuming task

Painting the soffit on the other side of the house!

We borrowed the neighbours ladder so we could reach the high points without having to lean out the window!

How the house looked tonight! Finished!!

Winston approves!

Just to remind you how the outside of the house looked like a year ago..................

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Garage Door!

During the construction last year, the garage door was the first thing to go. However by Decemeber we needed a new one. The plastic sheet did a great job of keeping the snow out, but not the frigid temperatures!  As money was limited, we decided to make one. So on Christmas Day, Chris built a plywood door, with hinges so we could open and close it. It actually worked fairly well. However as the exterior remodel progressed and now that the outside of the house is starting to look nice, we felt the plywood door didn't really fit in too well. So we ordered a new one online, and on Friday a guy came and installed it! The decision now is whether to paint it blue, like the front door, or leave it white? What do you think?

The original doors - would have been a little drafty if we had kept them - and if I recall correctly we didn't get a chance to save them - the construction guys binned them!

The plywood door Chris made on Christmas Day - not an ideal way to spend Christmas (but I've had worse!)

Chris had to frame the door, so the door size we ordered would fit!

Garage door installer man - only took him a few hours, which was great!

The door installed. Just need to put trim around the wood framing. Hopefully that will get done this week!

Once the blue trim is up around the windows and doors, the exterior will be finished (for this year anyway!!)