Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Gallery wall

I know it's been quite a while since any update, but we've taken a little break from the Minturn Project in order to enjoy winter and all the fun things this glorious season has to offer!!!!

In the past month it appears winter has left us and spring is here! We haven't seen snow in weeks and with temperatures in the 60's the snow is melting faster than I can write!!! So that being said, a few projects have been completed in the house! The first being a gallery wall.

I made a quick trip to Ikea and picked up a mixture of black and white frames of varying sizes. You can't beat the Swedish store for modern designs and cheap prices. I am over the moon they opened up shop in Colorado!!

Once home, I took the paper out of the frames and stuck them to the wall to create my gallery template. A very patient Christopher then helped me nail and hang the pictures !!! I think it turned out pretty well and it's so nice, at long last, to have some photos up in the house !!!

My paper template

Making sure the frames are level

Mostly black frames with a couple of white textured frames to mix it up a bit!

I'll smile every time I walk by!!