Sunday, April 8, 2012

My veggie patch!

This time last year our garden was under a few feet of snow. This year that isn't the case. With a month of unseasonable weather (60F and dry) all the snow has melted away and I am ready to get my gardening on. We didn't manage to do too much in the garden last year as our focus was on finishing the inside and exterior of the house. So this Spring we needed to plan out our veggie plot and get digging and weeding. The far end of the garden gets the most sunshine so it was an easy choice. With a little hard graft and a handy husband its starting to come together nicely.

As we could potentially still get snow and certainly frost through till June I'm hoping a cold frame will protect the seedlings and extend the growing season. We had saved several old windows and a glass door when we were remodeling, and we have plenty of scrap wood left from our numerous projects. So Chris whipped together a couple of cold frames. I just need to attach some plastic sheet to the sides of the frame and they will be like a cozy mini greenhouse for my plants. As well as a protector from deer and maybe bears? 

I've planted some seeds inside and intend to start planting outside beginning of May. Its going to be an experiment and I'm optimistic/hopeful I'll get a good yield of veggies this summer!!!!!

The selected location for my vegetable patch

Chris got his DIY on and built a couple of cold frames. 

I started digging and weeding the area where I want the cold frames to go

Chris worked on removing an old barbed wire fence. 

It all got too much and he needed to take a little break with URL.

Helen weeding away!

Two little sections. The right side has been weeded and is ready for some compost.
The left side still needs weeding. I'll move the cold frames around as needed.