Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Shower

I started tiling the shower in March. I did a little and then stopped. I resumed tiling in May. Did a little and then stopped. Then some more in July. It goes on. However - enough was enough - we were sick of showering and having the plastic sheet we had used to cover the tiles, stick to our skin. Plus we had guests arriving - so we grudgingly spent one full Sunday finishing the tiling in the double shower. I measured, Chris cut and I mortared them in place. It was a gross day. However it turned out pretty well, for a first attempt at tiling a shower. Now we just need to order the glass shower door - and our double shower will be complete!

To start with this was an exciting project. (March 2011)

Still smiling - notice no toilet yet or bath tub!

Did a little more in May

and a little bit more in July!

This is how we managed to still shower whilst not finishing the tiling. The plastic sheet!

August 2011 - we bit the bullet and just got on and did it. Tape really helped to keep the tiles in place, as did pieces of cardboard - I ran out of tile spacers towards the end!!

Level ish!

Chris grouted. I couldn't bare to be near the shower after spending 11 hours in there covered in mortar!

Chris buffing the tiles after grouting

Sealing the tiles

The finished shower!!

Certificate of Occupancy

On August 11th, 2011 our local town inspector came to the house and brought good news - on every other occassion he had visited - he brought bad, frustrating or expensive news, so this was a great day. We had completed all the items he had asked of us, and we could officially have the 'Certificate of Occupancy'!

Officially ready for occupancy

In our naiveity we thought we would have our Certificate of Occupancy in November 2010. So we were only 9 months off!! Thats the joy of remodelling - nothing ever runs to plan or time or budget!