Sunday, January 16, 2011


With the cabinets due to arrive any day - we needed to get the kitchen primed and painted. We managed just in time as they arrived on Wednesday (Jan 12th). Our wonderful friends Walt and Christian came and helped install them. With just a few challenges left to negotiate (namely the sink base, appliance installation and some alterations to the electrical work- oh and water) the kitchen is almost finished (also need flooring - but the plywood might have to do the job for a little while longer as wood floors are not in the budget right now!!), (also need the counter-top, which is being measured for on Tuesday)!!!

Mardy about having to mud the drywall again!

Priming the kitchen

Speedy hands

Priming finished!

Painting finished!

Cabinets arrived!!!!!

Kitchen prepped and ready for the cabinets!

Chris and Christian starting to hang the cabinets

Impressed with the slow closing hinges (prevents the draws from banging shut!!!)

Walt and Christian making sure everything is level!

Almost finished.


We are still waiting for water. The hold up is the gas meter. Until we have the gas meter we can't have gas. We need gas for the heating, and until we have heating in the basement, we can't have water, because the pipes will freeze! Pretty long winded, but hopeful we will have water by the end of the week.

While we wait for water, we have been working on the bathroom. Drywall, mudding, priming, painting, red guarding the shower, laying the hardi-backer, and starting the tiling. We came to a stand still with the tiling because when we went to use the tile cutter - we realised we needed a water supply - not just plastic bottles of water (which we used for the mortar). So we wait.

Chris sanding the drywall in the bathroom- nasty job

Starting to prime the walls - the red on the right is the red guard in the shower (waterproofs the cement board)

More priming

Starting to paint - colour - silver tradition.

Two coats of paint later and ready to mortar - and lay the hardi-backer

Hardi-backer down

Starting to lay the lovely limstone tiles!

Pleased with the outcome thus far.