Saturday, July 23, 2011

Old versus New

Just a little reminder of what the old bathtub looked liked versus the new one - please note we NEVER used the old tub!! It was pulled out and disposed off at the start of the remodel!

Grotty, old, blue tub, which you couldn't even wash a dog in - it was so small and shallow!
Lovely new tub..........

My wonderful tub!

We've taken a much needed wee break from the remodel. Hence the lack of posts. There have been too many fun things to do in the Valley - and a wonderful trip back to Chicago/Wisconsin for July 4th. We do have some plans on starting a few projects...............but all in good time!

One thing that has been completed in the past month is the plumbing/installation of my new, fabulous clawfoot bath tub! I adore it, but dread to think how much our water bill will be next month, as I've spent most evenings soaking myself in it, till I resemble a prune!

Having completed most of the finishing plumbing ourselves, we had intended on installing the tub. However our previous plumbers had completed the 'rough in' plumbing poorly, and as such what should have been a very quick process, took a qualified plumbing 7+ hours. Regardless, we saved a lot of money by doing most things ourselves, so one little splurge, for something so amazing was worth it! (Chris might not agree with this last comment - but he gets a man cave so didn't have too much say in it!!).

Double Slipper Clawfoot Bathtub, with Freestanding Faucet (similar to our sink faucets)

Gloss black claws - to tie in with the black gloss mirrors I restored