Monday, June 6, 2011


Url has a girlfriend - Kira - she's staying with us for a while. Just a few pictures to document their romance!

Url is not a big fan of getting groomed - but he has to look nice for his lady

There's plenty of rough and tumble

Some relaxing - the recliner is now their bed!

A lot of sleeping!

As with most females - she takes up all the bed and poor Url is pushed off!

He found shelter under the Jeep hard top !!


The outside of the house has been a complete wreck for quite sometime. Where the old house met the new foundation - quite a few patches appeared in the stucco. Plus adding and removing windows played a little havoc with the exterior. So we hired Sergio to fix it. The outcome was average. However with a nice new paint job, the house looks much brighter and cleaner than before. We plan to add trim around the doors and windows and paint them all blue. Should look nice!!!

Patchy and snowy

The outside had this black paper up over the winter - which kept it waterproof - but ugly.

New stucco going around the old stucco - pulling the old down and starting with a completely clean canvas would have been the ideal situation, but unfortunatley not in our price range!

Not a big fan of the texture!

New paint - starting to look better!

I spy Chris fixing the venting

Looking clean and fresh with the new paint - just need to get a garage door!

View from the back of the house - hazy background is smoke from the wildfires in AZ - its been like it all weekend!