Thursday, July 24, 2014

Cement Staining

With time ticking along, and bebe's due date fast approaching - we needed to get going with the flooring. The guest room was finished, the bathroom tiles were ordered so that just left the man cave and the mud room. Chris had free rein for the man cave so he decided to stain the cement rather than spend time and more money on installing/buying flooring. After quite a few hours trawling through you tube to find the best way to do it - he was ready to get started! It took him two weekends of hard graft, and a couple hundred dollars for materials but it turned out great! This was finished at the end of April!

The Man Cave before Chris started prepping. Covered in paint and dry wall plaster.
Chris spent many hours on his hands and knees scraping the paint and dry wall plaster off the cement!

Scrubbing the floor.
Ready for the stain.
My handy husband!

Beautiful, shiny stained cement floor  - finished!

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  1. Well done. Looks really great! Wonderful job, Chris!!!!